How Long Should You Wear Basketball Shoes?

How Long Should You Wear Basketball Shoes?

Wearing the wrong size of shoes for your feet can be uncomfortable and even painful. A lot of people may not know that this is also true for basketball players. A perfect example of this is when you wear a pair of basketball shoes that are too big on you; it will cause more pain in your foot, ankle, calf, and knee joints. This blog post discusses how long one should wear their basketball shoe before they need to replace them with another pair or if their current pair needs to be replaced because it has reached its shelf life. 

It’s important to note that there isn’t necessarily an exact period where someone should replace their old pair with a new one because every person’s body differs from the next so what might work well.

As a certified athletic trainer, I am asked on an almost daily basis regarding the proper amount of time for wearing basketball shoes. It is easy to see why this question has made it into my daily routine as often as it has, given that many athletes invest large sums of money in their sneaker collections.

Athletes are only concerned about one thing when they are purchasing new equipment or footwear: Will it help me become a better athlete? Our professional athletes have entire teams devoted solely to helping them find the best equipment possible. They know what works best with their bodies and how certain things might hinder their on-court performance. This isn’t just limited to expensive name-brand items, either; naysayers would be hard-pressed to convince JJ Redick that wearing the latest Nikes instead of Air Jordans makes him a lesser basketball player.

Although your favorite pro baller may be willing to invest $150+ on a pair of shoes, we as everyday athletes don’t have to spend so much money or time acquiring proper footwear for ourselves. We don’t need an expert fitter and we sure as hell won’t pay full price for them either. We can save money and still find great options; it just takes some diligence and patience. How long should you wear basketball shoes? That depends on what kind of shoe you’re looking at, but let’s start with how quickly you should buy new sneakers: After five months, if not earlier.

A shoe’s life expectancy is largely determined by the material and style of the sneaker in question. Synthetic materials such as mesh and leather break down much faster than genuine leather shoes. This means that after months of use, your shoes may not be able to provide appropriate support for your feet or ankles. How quickly this occurs depends on how often you play basketball, what surface you play on, and for how long you wear them each time.

If you’re playing a couple of times per week on concrete pavement, synthetic material has likely deteriorated within just a few weeks. While not every pair of sneakers in our price range (under $100) will come with all-leather uppers as Dunks do, they should at least be constructed with a combination of synthetic and genuine leather.

If your shoes start showing signs of stress, such as deep cracks in the material or visible tearing around the toe box, it is time to invest in a new pair. How often this occurs depends on how often you play basketball, what surface you play on, and for how long you wear them each time. If your shoe’s tread is worn down so much that it’s no longer providing any grip on the court, then it’s likely that their life expectancy has been used up. How Long Should You Wear Basketball Shoes? Most reputable athletic footwear companies have replacement guidelines printed right inside their boxes detailing when athletes should replace their shoes. In most cases, will be between 300-500 miles of wear. How Long Should You Wear Basketball Shoes?

When buying a new pair, we highly recommend springing for at least one full-size larger than you normally wear in dress shoes or sneakers. This will help to properly prepare your feet for intense play and allow you to avoid unnecessary foot pain when running up and down the court. How Long Should You Wear Basketball Shoes?

Caring for Your Basketball Sneakers

Once you’ve found a comfortable and supportive shoe that fits well and protects your ankles, you must continue investing in them by maintaining their structure and appearance. How Long Should You Wear Basketball Shoes? Investing in a high-quality sneaker cleaning kit is never a waste of money; doing so will ensure that stinky feet and yellowing soles never damage your kicks. How Long Should You Wear Basketball Shoes?

It’s also a great idea to store your shoes in areas where they won’t be exposed to humidity, as this can cause the leather or synthetic material to warp and lose its shape. How long should you wear basketball shoes? It depends on the brand and style of sneakers you buy, but if your footwear becomes worn down before its time, then it might be worth switching brands and models until you find a pair that meets all of your needs. How Long Should You Wear Basketball Shoes?

Every athlete is different; we hope that our tips will help you decide when How Long Should You Wear Basketball Shoes for yourself!


                   You’ll find that you can get away with wearing basketball shoes for a shorter period than other types. To make sure your feet are protected, be mindful of the materials and construction before purchasing. If you want to know how long you should wear them or if they will work well in your situation, contact us today! We have experts waiting in the line who would love to help answer any questions about our product selection process. Have you ever found yourself wondering when is it safe to put basketball shoes down? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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