How to wash volleyball shoes

How to wash volleyball shoes

It would be nice to clean the shoes after playing volleyball. It is easy to wash the sponge with water, but not the shoes.

This was written for washing cleaning instructions of sneakers, but it can also be used for volleyballs!

-Before starting, wear your shoes into a sink or tub you have prepared beforehand.

How to wash volleyball shoes

-Firstly, wear the shoes into the tubs filled with cold water.

-Then, pour detergent into both of them and then put them in for five minutes.

-After they are soaked, rub the upper part with a sponge so that it is full of bubbles.

-Wash off the soap with running water,  and remove dirt around the toe area and heel by brushing them with a scrubber or toothbrush.

-Shake off excess water and let dry indoors overnight at room temperature.

-Make sure that you are wearing dish gloves because your hands will become wrinkled if you don’t wash them off after finishing the washing process.


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How to wash volleyball shoes


There are plenty of ways to keep your volleyball shoes clean, but the most important rule is never to wear them without socks.

We recommend checking out our blog post on how to wash soccer cleats for more tips. If you’re looking for something quick and easy, try wiping off any dirt with a wet paper towel or cloth after each game.

For more thorough cleaning, we suggest using an old toothbrush (or other small brush) dipped in water and soap to scrub away debris from all parts of the shoe’s surface area.

Make sure not to use too much force while brushing; let gravity do its job by keeping it upside down when possible! And don’t forget about that tongue – this can be easily forgotten since it’s tucked under

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