Sno Seal vs Obenauf’s | Which one is Better for Leather Boot Waterproofing

Sno Seal vs Obenauf's

Do you have old leather boots that need a little treatment? You may be surprised to learn there are several ways of preserving them for years and keeping their beauty at its best. In this article, we will compare two popular methods: Sno Seal vs. Obenhauf’s

The following is a quick overview of the topics we will cover in this article.

  • What is Sno Seal?
  • What is Obenhauf’s?
  • How do Sno Seal and Obenhauf difference?
  • What people ask about Sno Seal and Obenhauf’s.
  • Is one product better than the other?

What is Sno Seal?

In the 1930s, Ome Daiber added beeswax to his waterproofing leather treatment for it not to get Softened while preventing it from getting Greasy.

He did this because regular grease-based coatings would not work effectively with crampons on steep terrain like Mount Rainier’s glaciers and snowfields, where he often went climbing up mountainsides near Seattle, Washington.

As soon as 1936, Sno Seal became immensely popular due to its ability to withstand high mineralization levels common among mountain environments that occur naturally or through human intervention such as mining.

The main selling point of Sno Seal is its effectiveness. It does what it guarantees- protects your leather boots from deteriorating their quality due to the weather conditions!

It makes the leather boots airtight and watertight, preserving their suppleness and keeping feet dry in winter or colder temperatures; this can be a significant plus for those who live outside areas where snow accumulation isn’t typical (such as Florida).

The Sno Seal has been a go-to for leather conditioning in the past, and its popularity remains alive today. It is affordable and effective at keeping feet dry and warm during cold weather conditions like winters or colder seasons; this makes it an excellent product!

What is Obenhauf’s?

This article will explore the skills and techniques of a personal firefighter who has found himself in charge of saving money. Marv Obenaufs was always on his toes, responding to emergencies with fire at any hour- whether day or night.

This meant that he often had less time than needed for routine tasks like caring for shoes but wanted them protected nonetheless because they were essential tools while working hard tirelessly through flames without fear ever-present until then!

As a result, combined research from both practical experiences as well as poor boot treatment options led him into creating something new: “OBE” beeswax leather conditioner mixed using just what we know works

Obenauf’s boots use

In addition to their Heavy Duty LP, Obenhauf’s also offers a leather oil based on this successful formula. In 16 ounces with an applicator included!

This is an excellent product for restoring shoes, handbags, and furniture. Not only will it keep your leather in top condition but also make them more comfortable to wear!

However, some people find the smell of this oil off-putting when applied – be sure you are ok with using oils if that’s something that would concern YOU before purchasing any shoe maintenance kit from us here at our store 🙂

This product is not suitable for suede or nubuck leather. If you have these types of materials, make sure to use our regular conditioner!


Sno Seal is a beeswax-based product, but with added natural oils and propolis. Whereas Obenhaufs‘ LP offers more conditioning treatment for your boots than Sno Seals would because it has additional ingredients that can help to keep them feeling supple over time, such as shea butter or cocoa butter in addition to the waxes themselves.”

It may seem like there are many different types of leather oils out on the market, but Obenhauf’s Leather Oil is unique. Unlike other products that only provide water resistance and conditioning properties to your shoes or boots – this formula also provides extra protection against moisture by adding beeswax in liquid form. It can even be applied for use as an all-purpose cleaner/preservative!

Ing residents:

The ingredient lists for Sno Seal and Obenauf’s are pretty different. With the former being beeswax, natural oils, propolis- it is clear they have tailored their product towards a diverse audience!


Obenauf’s has more fillers like natural oils and propolis to be more effective on leather boots. However, this does not mean that the Sno Seal is entirely ineffective – but there are some notable differences between their ingredients when applied to an inner sole versus for sealing against water intrusion in your boot’s exterior layer(leather).


The Obenauf’s leather protector is unparalleled when it comes to water resistance. It can resist moisture, dirt, and dust, but the Sno Seal exceeds all other protections in this category because its pores are smaller than those on any other brand, making leaks less likely!

sno seal vs obenauf's water resistance

Oil and Mud Resistance:

As leather boots have to withstand all sorts of grime, mud, and mushy substances, they must be protected. Leather protectors can do this by resisting dirty environments that may cause oil stains on your shoes.

Sno Seal has higher resistance against muddy particles while still not leaving behind any stain; however, Obenauf’s does not resist oil at the same level as well-meaning they might change colour over time when coming into contact with dirtier places like outside or inside where there’s more traffic than regular floors would experience because their surface will get scratched easily.

Affect on the Interior:

It is important to note that Obenauf’s does a better job at keeping water out of boots than Sno Seal does. When applied on top of one another with equal pressure and time commitment from both products tested for effectiveness inside, these waterproofing agents have been found ineffective in combating each other’s negative effects within your footwear interior as well despite being marketed separately under different brands.


There are no significant differences when it comes to the price range. The only significant difference is in how much you pay for ingredients and what kind of final product they produce, but there isn’t anything else that makes them different from one another other than those two factors.

And this one Obenhauf’s LP


What is Sno Seal Made Of?

Sno Seal is a wax that has been made from beeswax and other natural additives. It helps keep the boot’s leather water-resistant, as well as making it an excellent option for treating your shoes with!

Does Obenhauf’s Darken Leather?

Some products are more likely than others to darken your leather goods. The Heavy Duty LP seems like a pretty safe bet, but remember that there could be some risk of colour transfer with any dye, and the Leather Oil may result in an initial change before drying completely.

A patch test will help you decide whether this is something for which you’re looking!

How Often Should I Apply Sno Seal or Obenhauf’s?

Keeping your leather boots in good shape is a tedious but essential task. Leather can dry out, crack or even peel if you don’t take care of it properly- which could lead to discomfort and even injury!

However, this isn’t something that needs constant attention because there are some factors we have no control over, such as how often they’re used (some people wear their shoes every day while others only once).

For those who want more frequent maintenance on these items, consider Conditioning afterwards so they’ll last longer without deteriorating too quickly,

Which Is Better—Sno Seal Or Obenhauf’s?

The choice between Sno Seal and Obenhauf’s is difficult, with both performing similarly in terms of waterproofing. However, it seems that if you are looking for conditioning leather goods, there might be an edge to the latter’s product line-up, which includes not only oils but also cleaners.

Personally, though, I would recommend using something more than just Leather Oil -although whether or not this will keep your boots/shoes in good condition over time isn’t clear yet!

It can help to care for delicate items like shoes by keeping them free from scuff marks, so they stay new even years after purchase when stored properly.

What Is The Difference Between Obenauf’s Heavy Duty And Just Normal Obenauf’s?

The Obenauf’s heavy-duty leather protector (LP) has a paste-like consistency. On the other hand, the standard Obenaur’s Leath Oil is in oil form and works as an effective way to preserve your favourite shoes or boots!

The difference between them? Heavy Duty LP will keep up with you during those tough days at work while still looking good for special occasions, whereas Lightweight Liqueur can be used on furniture if ever need arises.

It means that it may not always be compatible depending upon what kind of item needs protection against dirt.

Top 10 best seller Leather cleaner Oil


 As you can see, both Sno Seal and Obenauf’s are excellent products for leather boot waterproofing. Which one is the best option depends on your needs–whether it’s a quick fix or something that will last for years to come. We recommend giving each of these options a try to find out which one works best with your boots!

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